Intercessory Worship

We as humans tend to put thought, ideas, people, religion, God, really anything we come across, into nice tight and tidy little categories.  But what happens when what you are experiencing doesn’t fit into one of those categories that you’ve been brought up to believe exist?  What do you do when you seem to be combining categories or blowing them apart all together.  Or what do you do when you realize you are called to do something but you don’t see yourself or experience yourself in the way that is traditionally defined. 

That’s what is happening to me.  I am working toward my ministerial degree and one of my classes is The Voice of God.  One of the textbooks for this class is a book of the same title by Cindy Jacobs.  I instantly felt a connection with her.  I saw myself as a young girl who just somehow “knew things” just like her.  Then I got to the part in her book that shook my view.  She is relating a story about a car ride with her mentor and a comment that really shook her view, too.  The mentor said that not all intercessors are prophets, but, all prophets are intercessors.  I stopped and put the book down and began to pray.

You see, I don’t see myself as an intercessor.  I can’t spend more than 10 min on my knees without my feet going numb.  I can’t stand prayer meetings!  I do not sit for hours on end in prayer for my friends and family or anything else.

About this time, I had a couple of well-meaning, sisters in the Lord who came to me with a concern for my spiritual well-being.  They were concerned that I was not spending enough time with God.  First off, how they thought they knew how much time I spent with Him, I still haven’t figured that out.  But if there was any truth to this, if God was trying to get my attention and correct a deficit in my soul, I wanted to pay attention.

One day as I was doing the dishes and contemplating this accusation, I began to talk to God, “Lord, is there anything too this?  Am I neglecting building a relationship with You?  Do I not spend enough time talking to You and listening for Your voice?  If that’s the truth then please help me to set more time aside for You, help me find time.”  I felt this still small voice begin to speak inside, “Kara, what are you doing right now?”  “The dishes” was my response.  “No, I mean, who are you talking to?”  “Well, You Father”  “How is this not communication with Me?  How often do we have these little talks?”  “Oh, God, all day long I cry out to You and hear You respond with just what I need to hear.”

There was more but that’s private.  You see, God taught me that day as I was up to my elbows in soapy water doing the dishes, that it’s not about my posture or the position of my body, but it is about true communication with Him.  I almost always have a dialog running through my head with my Heavenly Father throughout my day.  Little things will cross my mind and I will talk to him as if he is right there beside me, which of course, He is.  That is the life of an intercessor, constant communication with God.

Now don’t take what I am saying and run to the friend who does spend hours on their knees in prayer and say, “You’re doing it wrong”  NO they are not!  They are doing what God has told them to do.  They are doing what works for them.  We are not all the same, we don’t dress alike, we don’t all do our hair the same, we don’t all talk the same and that is just how God made us to be.  It would be a very boring world if it were any other way.

My plan for this blog is to explore the different ways Biblical people interceded and worshiped, and how the two go hand in hand for me.  I can’t intercede without worship, and I’m finding the converse to also be true.  When I enter into worship, I begin to intercede.  Intercessory Worship, that is what I will be studying and you are welcome to come along.


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  1. Leslie

    I just re-read this – and I’m praising God – you mentioned how you just “know things” – it would take so much time to explain why this makes me happy, but it sounds like you and I are very similar.

    My mentors kept talking about how God would answer them when they prayed, and slowly over time I will hear His voice now too, but then one day I realized that there have been many, many times when I’ve “just known” things were about to happen or not going to happen – deep, deep in my soul, long before I heard an actual answer from God.

    Its taken me awhile to come to terms with it that I am hearing from God – but in a different way than others might. Its kinda exciting to find someone else who is like me!

    I will have to check out this book as well.

    This makes me want to do an informal survey among people and ask “do you pray all at once, or throughout the day?” 😀

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