How Can I Keep From Singing

I’ve woke up to the same song for the last 3 days.  Matt Redman, Oh, No, You Never Let Go.  This morning, even though I was exhausted I couldn’t go back to sleep.  The phrase “Oh, no, you never let go, Lord, you never let go of me” kept running through my head, over and over and over.  Be careful what you pray for.

A few weeks ago I prayed for God to help me carve out time to spend studying His word, He chose 4:30 am.

That wouldn’t have been my first choice.

My husband is a night owl so my getting up before 5 am means that I am going to bed alone by 9:30 or I have problems like this morning.  I did not want to get up.  I didn’t go to bed last night until after 10:30. I don’t do well on less than 7 hour sleep, I prefer a full 8.

You math people will quickly realize I had about 6 hours or less depending on just how long it took me to fall asleep. So I really wanted to just roll over and go back to sleep.  But God never lets go of me. So I got up and made coffee, double strength.

As I was getting settled into my chair with my lap desk and bible and my Beth Moore study “Jesus the One and Only”, I had pandora running softly with my classical station.  Normally that is just background noise, but today one song reached out and grabbed me and I had to pay attention.

Enya, “How can I keep from Singing”.  I pulled over my laptop to look up the lyrics to write it in my Morning Song Journal.  For whatever reason, the site wasn’t able to show me Enya’s lyrics but Google did have a Wikipedia link. Turns out it’s a poem from 1868, author unknown, titled “Always Rejoicing”.

My life goes on in endless song

Above earth’s lamentation,

I catch the sweet, tho’ far off hymn

That hails a new creation

Through all the turmolt and the strife

I hear the  music ringing

It finds and echo in my soul–

How can I keep from singing?

What tho’ my joys and comfort die?

The Lord my Savior liveth

What tho’ the darkness gather round

Songs in the night He giveth

No storm can shake my inmost calm

While to that refuge clinging

Since Christ is Lord of heaven and earth

How can I keep from singing?

I lift my eyes; the cloud grows thin

I see the blue above it

And day by day this pathway smooths

Since first I leaned to love it

The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart

A fountain ever springing

All things are mine since I am Hiss

How can I keep from singing?

I think I may have to set this to my own melody and make this my hearts cry song.  I have a chorus to add:

I sing for joy

I sing for pain

I sing to Christ upon the throne

In times of laughter

In times of weeping

How can I keep from singing?

How can I keep from singing?

This just resonated with my soul today.  I tend to always have one song or another running through my head at any given time. That’s probably why it never occurred to me to pay attention until my friend suggested it.  God placed this music in my soul.  How can I keep from singing?  The truth is I can’t.  Not only that but I shouldn’t.  If we withhold our praise Christ said the very rocks would cry out His praises.

How can we keep from singing?

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