Worship Leader, Who Me?

I was thrown into worship leading, it wasn’t something I ever saw myself doing.  Sure I loved to sing, and I really enjoyed worship, but I couldn’t really play an instrument.  Not well anyway.  I had a year of piano as a child.  The teacher told my parents that we were wasting their money and her time.  I just didn’t practice.  Then in high school I began to wish I’d practiced and put in the effort to learn, so I found someone willing to take an old student and teach me to play church music, chords and play by ear.  I stuck with it for about 6 months. 

Flash forward to my 30’s.  My mom is the piano player at our church, I’m in the area for work for a while(link to Hesitant Homemaker), and mom is getting sick.  The other lady in the church that plays piano isn’t comfortable playing solo and asks me to play the keyboard with her, even my just pounding out a few chords here or there makes her more comfortable.  So I agree.  I buy a chord wheel that shows me what chords are in what keys and what notes are in each chord.

Slowly, I’m able to play with confidence in 3 different keys.  Then that lady gets sick, eventually so sick she goes home to be with Jesus.  Mom is getting to sick to play at all and I’m the only one left.  I tell our worship leader that I need the list of songs a week in advance and he has to stick with the 3 keys I know how to play.  If there’s a song outside of those keys I needed it 3 weeks in advance.  Soon, he finds out he needs oral surgery and is going to be unable to sing for 3 months…. Now not only can I only play in 3 keys but I must now lead while I play.

The church tries to be patient as every week we do a rotation of about 10 songs I’m comfortable enough playing to be able to sing along as I play.  It would take me about a month if I wanted to add a new song.

Very slowly over the next few years God began to stretch me and teach me (yes I firmly believe it was the Holy Spirit teaching me to play the piano).  All the while I was convinced this was temporary.  I wasn’t called to be a worship leader.

I knew there was a call on my life, I know I’m also called to preach and teach (that’s a whole different story), but I held firm to the belief that this worship thing was temporary.  I was wrong.

Come with me as I journey with God and explore worship, prayer, spiritual warfare and how all three are linked in the ministry He has called me to.


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