New Instruments.

The only instruments I currently play are the piano and the flute.  Okay, I used to play the flute, I’d have to do A LOT of practice and find a fingering chart to remind me of what fingering goes with what note, but at one time, I played the flute and the alto sax.  The fingering is pretty close on those two. 

I want to learn the guitar.  For one thing, I’ve heard it’s easier to write music with the guitar, and two, I’ve always wanted to play the guitar.  Problem is, I really like my nice manicured acrylic nails.  I know, I know Dolly Parton manages to play with nails, I have no idea how she does it.  I’ve tried.  Doesn’t work. The thing is though, I mentioned this to my dad, who plays guitar, so he went out and bought me a guitar.  It’s still in its box in the corner by my keyboard.  I really need to get it out and start figuring it out.  It was a sacrifice for them to have spent the money to get it for me.

I’d also like to learn the drums.  I always wanted to be a percussionist.  That was actually my first choice back in 5th grade when we were picking out instruments.  Flute was my second.  Mom talked me into the flute.  She said, “Girls don’t play drums”.  Imagine my surprise and frustration when on the first day of band I looked back longingly at the percussion section and saw several girls!  But, mom and dad had already bought my flute, I’d had lessons all summer, I was stuck.

In high school I had an opportunity to move to the percussion section to help with the vibes and marimba and cymbals.  I loved it.  My best friend was a great percussionist, still is actually.  I had a blast!  Loved senior year in part because I was in the percussion section.

The main reason I’d love to learn other instruments is that I’d like to have the ability to sit down and show the other musicians what it sounds like in my head on their instrument when God gives me a new song.

I have heard of God just giving a person the ability to play and instrument as they sit down and just begin to play.  I was at a conference and went to a class taught by a worship leader that had that very thing happen to her.  She said it was as if once she sat down and put her hand to the instrument, God just dumped into her the knowledge needed to be able to play that instrument.  I’ve forgotten her name, I’ll have to ask my friend who went with me to that conference if she remembers, it’s going to bug me now until I find out.  I’ll let you know if I do.

With God, everything is possible.

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