Difficulties in Writing New Songs

I have ideas for songs constantly,  I try to hum a few bars or sing a bit of what is in my head and record myself on my phone for later reference.  The problem lies in getting it from my head to paper in a form anyone else can understand.  Or in finding the melody roaming around inside my head on the piano and then getting it onto paper so someone else can understand it. 

I’d really like the computer program Cakewalk.  It helps with that by converting singing, piano, any instrument you can record really into printed music.  However, the version I would want is several hundred dollars.  Not something we can afford for a hobby right now.

So here I sit with songs running through my head and no clear way to get them down on paper.

I’ve heard it’s easier with a guitar.  I have one, I just don’t know how to play it.  I would probably have to give up my nice acrylic nails to learn, or at least keep them shorter than I currently do.

What about you.  Do you hear new music in your head?  Do you have a way to get it out and recorded for others to understand?

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