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Have you ever gone looking for a scripture you just KNEW was in the Bible, only to not be able to find it?  Or find out you’ve been quoting it wrong?  Or maybe you’ve had verses quoted at you only to find them later and realize the other person was misquoting scripture to prove their ideas.  Believe me, you are not alone.   I’ve been traveling that road myself the last few weeks.  I’m working on an article that tackles specific ones that I’ve come across.  However, I’m trying to be very careful to get all my scripture in line with The Word.  I’d hate to misquote any scripture while writing an article on misquoted scripture.  Oh the irony!

My long term goal is to have several articles completed and in process so that there will not be blank days, however, I’m still new to all this and I launched without a backlog of articles on the ready.  Sorry about that, hope you will bear with me.

Anyway, I’m working and cross checking and will get it up hopefully in the next day or two.  In the meantime, do you have any ideas for scripture you’ve been quoted and aren’t sure they are really what God had in mind when He inspired them?  Leave me a comment, I’ll look into those, too.


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