Why I Read My Bible

Why I read my Bible…

As Easter approaches I’ve been on a journey to really get to know this guy who lived 2000 years ago, Jesus.  I grew up in church, slept on/under the pews many an evening as service went long or someone needed to counsel with my parents who were the pastors.

I know of  Him, I know about Him, but I’m coming to realize, I don’t KNOW Him.  I’ve decided to concentrate on the Gospels, what better way to get to know Him than to listen to what He has to say.  There has been some radical shake-ups in my core beliefs, how I thought this Christianity thing worked.

There have been some verses I’ve come across that I have heard quoted but I’m finding out, they don’t mean what I thought they meant.  They were taken out of context and twisted to make a point.  That will shake you up.  You begin to wonder what else you’ve taken for granted because that’s just what you’ve always heard.

So, I read and I study, and I’ve decided to really find out for myself what this radical Rabi from Galilee had to say, and why so many were willing to be imprisoned/beaten/die for Him.  That’s why I read my Bible, to know Him for myself.

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Why I...


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  1. What a wonderful post. I read all the Gospels during this Lenten season, too, and it’s amazing how new things come to life with each reading. The power of the Holy Spirit.


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