Look What The Lord Has Done

I know a lot of people are being very solemn and retrospective this weekend, however, this is what I woke up to this morning.


Look what the Lord has done

Look what the Lord has done

He healed my body

He touched my mind

He saved me, oh, just in time

And I’m gonna praise His name

Each day is just the same

Come on and praise Him

Look what the Lord Has done.


If you’re not familiar with the tune that goes with that song, it’s very upbeat, danceable even, most assuredly jump up and down to the beat inviting.  That’s it for the words. As my husband usually said, “Then repeat ad-nausium”  But such a simple truth.

Look what the Lord has done.  In your life, what has He done?  Look beyond the pie in the sky in the sweet by and by I’ll go to heaven joy and really look at what the Lord is doing in your life today and what He has done in the past.


He healed my body…

My baby brother has received more miraculous healings than any one person I know.

First off, he wasn’t supposed to be born, none of us were, the Dr’s told my parents that mom would likely never get pregnant and if she did sh’d have trouble.

J is number 3.

She was scheduled for a hysterectomy when they found out he was there.  She canceled the surgery.

Dr’s told her that was foolish, her uterus was prolapsing (lacked support) and she was running the risk of baby, uterus, and internal organs falling out and bleeding to death before help could arrive.

But they had prayed and mom was drawn to the verse, “Joy is brought into the home when a man-child is born”.

I remember my mom standing on her head in a corner, doing all she could to hang on to that little baby as it grew.  J was born not only at full term but 6 weeks late.

Look what the Lord has done...

At the age of 2, he and my sister, 6, were playing in the bathroom when she stepped on the scale and cut off the nail and nail bed of one of his fingers.

Mom and dad wrapped his bleeding hand and after getting a neighbor for us, rushed to the hospital, praying the whole time.

When they unwrapped his hand to show the Dr, it was perfectly fine, although the cloth was soaked in blood, miraculous healing.

Look what the Lord has done…

Because he was overdone in the womb by 6 weeks, he had heart problems.

His tricuspid valve had fused together and instead of 3 flaps opening and closing, he had 2.

Dr’s said he’d need multiple surgeries starting at age 7 to replace the valve as he grew.

We couldn’t let him cry or get a cold or run, it could kill him.  He went in to be monitored often, and he was prayed for often.

We had one missionary come and while he was visiting he prayed for J.  He told Dad later that it was the oddest experience for him.  Usually, when he prayed for someone, he felt something move through him into the person he was praying for.  With J, he felt it come back to him from J.

Shortly after that, J had an appointment for an ultrasound of the valve, they did this often to make sure it wasn’t getting any worse.

The tech did the test, then redid the test, then did it a third time, then got up and said,”I need to go get the Dr.”  When the Dr came in they ran the test 2 more times.

He then turned to my parents and said, “I don’t know what has happened and if I wasn’t the one who read the last test I wouldn’t believe this, but, your son’s heart is perfectly fine.  There is not a thing wrong with it.  That doesn’t happen.  I can’t explain it.”

Dad said, “I can.”

The Dr had to write in his chart, Miraculous healing.

Look what the Lord has done…

I could go on about the time he broke his thumb, or the time he drowned in Costa Rica and was saved by an Angel, but I think you get the idea.

He healed my body.


He touched my mind..

My dad tells a story about when he was a teenager.

His little sister played a stupid little joke that gets the person, in this case her big brother, to end up hitting themselves in the face.

Dad had a temper, and when he ended up hitting himself in the face, his next move was as he withdrew his hand from his face he gained force and backhanded his little sister.

Across the room.

He was appalled with himself.

By this time he knew he had a call to pastor and that he couldn’t do that effectively if he couldn’t get control of his temper.

But, he couldn’t, only God could.

After much prayer and allowing God to touch his mind, the gentle giant was.  I never knew my Dad’s temper.

I only saw a glimpse of it once, as I lay gasping for breath in the waiting room of an ER as they waited for my parents to arrive for 2 hours before giving me any oxygen (that’s also another miraculous healing story).

We he came in and saw me laying there limp with blue lips, I saw his face get red, I saw the temper begin to rise and I heard him very quietly, but with such force that EVERYONE heard him, say “God Damn it!”

That was the only time I have ever heard him use that phrase, EVER.

Mom quietly turned him back outside and then went to the nurses desk.

They all knew him, he was up there often with parishioners.  You should have seen them scurry to take care of me after that.

When Dad came back in, he was still angry, but had allowed God to once again, get that temper under control.

Look what the Lord has done…


He saved me, just in time…

I ran from God for a long time.

I knew there was a call to ministry on my life.  I knew it involved speaking in front of people.

I hate speaking in front of people.

I’m an introvert, I liked the quiet, in the back, service type ministries. Loved nursery work.

Yet, I knew God was calling me to preach and teach and I didn’t want to do it.

Knowing that I would never have peace in church as long as I was saying no, I  left, I ran.

I refused to be a hypocrite.  I ran far.

No church, started partying, married a man I knew that I shouldn’t.

Three years later, that marriage was falling apart, I was miserable, and I turned to the Only One who I knew could “fix-it”.

He did, my husband went back and forth for about a year on whether he wanted to be married to me or not.  He eventually choose to leave me and embrace the homosexual lifestyle.

Through it all, my prayer was, “Lord give me wisdom, help me show you to him, if this marriage can be saved show me how.  But if not, let the end come quickly.”

It did, in the form of him moving out and living with his boyfriend.

It took another year for the divorce to go through, He filed in Iowa, I had filed in Texas, his went through first.  We had lost all contact by that point.

I still pray for him.

But, my mind has been renewed, my way of thinking has changed.

It took 7 more years of walking out my wilfulness.  Then God brought a wonderful Man of God into my life.

We’ve been happily married for almost 6 years.  We have a beautiful son, and we are each others best friend.

Look what the Lord has done…


I’m going to praise His name.

How can I not?

This is just the tip of the ice burg of what God has done for our family.

This is not the foundation of our faith.

As J told mom a few years ago when we were struggling to understand why God wasn’t healing her as he had done so many times before.

My baby brother, whom up until that time we were unsure where his faith was, he came out with a truth so strong and true, I am forever changed.

“Mom, I’m worried about the foundation of your faith.  It can’t be built on what God does for you.  He sent His Son, to die on the cross, to redeem us from sin. If He never did another thing for you, He’s done enough to earn your faith in Him.  Jesus is enough.”

WOW!  I never saw J as a man until that moment.  He was 25.  I’d say he has a firm foundation in Christ.

If He never did another thing for us, He’s done enough.

Yet He does do for us, He does give us healings, and He does touch our minds, and many a time I’ve seen Him reach down and save us just in time.

I don’t know about you, but everyday, not just on Easter, I’m going to praise His name.

Look what the Lord has done…


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