The longer I am away…

I am finding that the longer I go without writing a post, the harder it is to write.  I feel like I should have something monumental to say for my absence or some insight to show that I’ve been engrossed in an in-depth study.

Yet the truth is that I spent the Month of May in an allergy medication fog and out-of-town 2 out of 4 weekends plus a 4 year olds birthday party and Mother’s Day.  It all took its toll and I am still recovering.  I had been getting up well before The Boy to spend some time in prayer, bible study, and time writing posts.  However, with the summer sun rising earlier, so is my son.  I can only get up so early of a morning and yet still stay up to spend time with my husband of an evening.  Unfortunately, what has taken a back burner on my priorities list is writing.

I will try to write more, and maybe now that I have posted once again, it will come easier.  For those who have hung in there, thank you.


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