Google Let Me Down

I think this is the first time Google has let me down.  Most mornings when I wake up with a snippet of a song running through my brain, I’m able to go to Google, type in said snippet and up pops the full lyrics.  Not today.  I have no idea what this song is.  I know it’s one we have because I’m pretty sure it’s on my sons little MP3 player on his night-time playlist.

Here’s the snippet I woke up singing:

Savior’s Love

Talking ’bout my Savior’s Love

God You are the Only One

Oh my Savior’s Love


I know the jest of the song is how wonderful His love for us is.  How He loves us through everything.  Pretty amazing.

When my Husband gets up I’ll sing what I have to him and he’ll probably do better than Google.  If not, I’ll keep an ear tuned to my son’s night-time music and see if I can’t catch another snippet to find the lyrics.


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